Ruscaceae (family)/Dracaena (genus)


They can be divided into two groups based on their growth habits:
A group of tree-size species with stout trunks and stiff, broad-based leaves, growing in arid semi-desert areas, and known as dragon trees.
• Dracaena americana – Central America Dragon Tree
• Dracaena arborea – Tree Dracaena
• Dracaena cinnabari Balf.f. – Socotra Dragon Tree
• Dracaena draco (L.) L. – Canary Islands Dragon Tree
• Dracaena ombet – Gabal Elba Dragon Tree
• Dracaena tamaranae – Gran Canaria Dragon Tree

A group of smaller, shrubby species with slender stems and flexible strap-shaped leaves, growing as understorey plants in rainforests (and very popular as houseplants), and known collectively as shrubby dracaenas. Many of the species common as houseplants are toxic to pets, though not humans, according to the ASPCA among others.

• Dracaena aletriformis (Haw.) Bos)
• Dracaena aubryana Brongn. ex E.Morren (=D. thalioides)
• Dracaena bicolor Hook.
• Dracaena cincta
• Dracaena concinna Kunth
• Dracaena elliptica
• Dracaena fragrans (L.) Ker Gawl. (=D. deremensis) – Striped Dracaena, Compact Dracaena, corn plant, Cornstalk Dracaena
• Dracaena goldieana W.Bull
• Dracaena hookeriana
• Dracaena mannii
• Dracaena marginata Lam. – Red-edged Dracaena or Madagascar Dragon Tree
• Dracaena marmorata
• Dracaena phrynioides
• Dracaena reflexa Lam. – Pleomele Dracaena or “Song of India”
• Dracaena sanderiana Sander ex Mast. – Ribbon Dracaena, marketed as “Lucky Bamboo”
• Dracaena surculosa Lindl. – Spotted Dracaena or Gold Dust Dracaena
• Dracaena umbraculifera Jacq.[3]

• Asparagus asparagoides (L.) Druce (as D. medeoloides L.f.)
• Cordyline australis (G.Forst.) Endl. (as D. australis G.Forst.)
• Cordyline fruticosa (L.) A.Chev. (as D. terminalis Lam.)
• Cordyline indivisa (G.Forst.) Steud. (as D. indivisa G.Forst.)
• Cordyline obtecta (Graham) Baker (as D. obtecta Graham)
• Dianella ensifolia (L.) DC. (as D. ensifolia L.)
• Cordyline stricta (Sims) Endl. (as D. stricta Sims)
• Liriope graminifolia (L.) Baker (as D. graminifolia L.)
• Lomandra filiformis (Thunb.) Britten (as D. filiformis Thunb.)[3][4]

D. serrulata, D. tamaranae, D. sanderiana (lucky bamboo, ribbon plant), D. concinna, D. surculosa, D. cinnabari, D. draco
Ophiopogon jaburan, O japonicus, O. planiscapus, O. chingii
Beaucanea recurvata, B. gracilis
Sansevieria masoniana, S.gracilis, S. cylindrical, S. fischeri, S. horwoodii, S. suffruticosa, S. stuckyi, S. trifasciata, S. patens, S. pinguicula, S. ehrenbergii
Rohdea japonica
Calibanus hookeri
Nolina guatemalensis, N. parryi, n. texana


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